Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the frequently asked questions section.

  • How does the electrisave work?

    The electrisave uses a simple clip-on sensor and transmitter inside your existing meter box to transmit a real time reading of actual power being used, to a portable LCD display (monitor) inside the home or office. This reading then shows the cost of electricity being used or potentially being wasted and the amount of Co2 gases you are contributing to the environment at any one point in time.

  • Can I save money by using the electrisave?

    Yes, by reducing energy wastage. The electrisave lets you know how much your electricity is costing allowing you make informed decisions on which appliances to use, which appliances are costing the most to run and serving as a constant reminder to turn off unneeded appliances. Trials have shown savings of up to 25% of a household’s power bills are achievable, the electrisave is reliant on your household or office changing their energy habits through education and learning by using the electrisave, and therefore individual results will vary.

  • How sensitive is the electrisave?

    The electrisave is sensitive enough to register the savings made by switching off a single 20-watt light.

  • What else does the electrisave do?

    The electrisave displays total household electricity cost, power consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, temperature and humidity. It also has a user settable peak load alarm (alerting of excessive electricity usage) and can be set to display kilowatts or amps.

    The electrisave is also a way of educating the whole of your family or office colleagues about the effects of their energy usage both on the cost of energy they are using/wasting and on the effect this electricity usage is having on the health of the planet we all live upon.

  • Will Electrisave calculate my electricity bill?

    NO. Electrisave is not an accumulation revenue meter and cannot check your energy bill. However, iIt may be used to monitor individual circuits of metered premises to estimate their share of power use.