About Climate Change

Just what is Climate Change?

The Scientific Bit…

The climate of the Earth has always changed in cycles. Until now however it has only altered due to natural causes.

Nowadays when we use the term climate change we generally mean the changes in the Earth’s climate that have been detected over the past hundred to a hundred and fifty years.

The scientific consensus now overwhelmingly indicates that these changes have come about due to human activity and that over the next eighty to a hundred years they will become more and more extreme.

How an electrisave can help…

By using an electrisave in your home or workplace you can change the energy habits of your family, friends or colleagues, thus reducing the overall amount of electrical energy we use within the UK.

Such positive changes in energy usage will mean that over a period of time not only are you SAVING MONEY, but you are helping to stabilise the Greenhouse Effect and save the future of our planet, by reducing the amount of greenhouse gases you produce as a household.

But just, what is the Greenhouse Effect?